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Rent Villa in Greece

Greece is located in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula and on adjacent to it and to the coast of Asia islands. It is washed by Mediterranean, Ionic and Aegean seas. The county consists of about two thousand islands. Less than 200 islands of them are inhabited. Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and Zakynthos by right are considered to be the most popular ...


Spain – a pearl of the Iberian Peninsula. It is unlikely to find in Europe one more country which will be able to offer tourists so various, interesting and high-quality holidays. The purest coast of the Atlantic Ocean, great beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, huge mountains, unique location of the country on a joint of Africa and Europe, its historical ...

Rent villa in Italy

Rent a house in Italy – perhaps, the best way to have a fully-featured rest in this unique and original country. A swimming season here is one of the longest in Europe - from May to October. A huge number of the most ancient monuments of culture, the clean glassy sea, various natural landscapes - all this allows to combine organically beach rest with ...

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