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Frequently asked questions about villa rentals
Why your properties are so expensive?
Last year I rented a house in Pattaya for $1000 per month.

World Villas offers to clients only the high-quality, inspected houses from reliable partners. We are not engaged bungalow, condo or apartments rentals lower than $2000 a week. Cost is established by the property owner, if the period of booking exceeds 1 month, it is possible to negotiate about discounted price.

Are there any particularities in villa rentals to which it is worth paying attention?

We will tell about some special aspects of booking.

Для аренды виллы в Испании и других странах Евросоюза необходим заграничный паспорт с действующей визой Шенген и ваучер от компании-принимающей стороны.

Our company has a standard contract of villa rental in which we state all conditions of location, detailed characteristics of villa and a range of basic and additional services that are available for the guests.

If you book a villa in Spain or Greece, pay attention to the distance from the beach. Many owners point distance on a straight line. If 300 or 500 metres are specified, it can be meant near 1 km, depending on a land relief. It is better to specify in advance, how easily you can reach a seaside on foot, especially with small children - for example, not all country roads are comfortable for walking with baby stroller.

One of the most important aspects of property selection is understanding of some features of accommodation and surrounding infrastructure. For example, you have requested a separate villa with private garden and located far from the neighbors, but meanwhile you would like to have various infrastructure (restaurants, cafe, shops, farmacies etc.) nearby - in 50-100 metres. This is usually not possible. Also it is necessary to pay attention that it is more easy to organize good service in the hous which relates to the complex of villas.

Rental costs seriously differ not only within the different countries (in France and Italy - the cost of a house of the average level located in 5 km from the sea can start from 5000 euro per week during high season, in Greece the house of the same level - from 2500 euros per week), but also within regions of one country (in Italy one of the most prestigious and expensive resorts is Forte dei Marmi and Roccamare, in France - Saint Trope, Antibes and other resorts of French Riviera, in Spain - Gava Mar and Playa de Aro). During summer period most of the villa owners in Italy (not only in Tuscany, but also in Lazio for instance) prefer to lease houses on a monthly basis - for all June, July and August. Therefore it is better to request beforehand other periods - since not all owners are willing to split up month during a season.

There are some additional costs in a few locations, it is always better to check with your reservations agent before booking a house. These costs may include utilities such as house or pool heating, electricity consumption above a certain level (especially during long-term rentals), phone usage for international calls or internet, laundry services by the maid, changing of bed linen and towels, final or regular cleaning of the house.

Is there a standard cancellation policy and how it is determined?

These depends first of all on destination and the particular owner/managing company, but in general cancellation outside of 60 days of arrival will result in a cancellation fee of 30-50% of the total rental price, and a cancellation between 60-30 days of arrival will result in a cancellation fee of 50-75% of the gross rental price, and cancellation within 30 days of travel will result in a full forfeiture of the gross rental price. Please check all specifics of cancellation policy on your reservation in advance!

Who should I contact in the event I have a problem at the villa?

Every property offered by our company has a local villa manager, housekeeper or other person in charge who is ready to respond to any occurred problem you may have during your stay at the house. You will be supplied with all their contact details before arriving on holidays together with other important local phone numbers and addresses.

Is it possible to receive offers of villas which are not on your web-site?

Yes, of course. About 25-30% of all villas in our portfolio are not published due to various reasons and can be sent upon certain request. Everything that is necessary for you- to describe and formulate your wishes in details. We will use our best efforts to satisfy your inquiry.